Croatia Resorts


Croatia’s remarkable biodiversity, pleasant environment, and incredible regional food keep Croatia resorts teeming with happy travellers People from all over the world make Croatia beach resorts a top destination for family vacations, experience trips with groups of good friends, and romantic expeditions or luxury outings for couples.

Family Getaways at Croatia Resorts

Croatia all-inclusive resorts make excellent family getaways because quality activities are offered for all age levels and interests. Surfing, sailing, sightseeing among spectacular old ruins, testing the elegant regional food, or merely staying at the resort and luxuriating in excellent med spa treatments are all common choices available to those delighting in a holiday at their choice of the very best resorts in Croatia.

Croatia’s coastline – more than 3,600 miles long if you consider its 1,200 islands – is a strong contender for the most stunning and least spoilt in the Mediterranean. Much of it is fringed by yearn woods; the sea is as clear and inviting as anywhere I’ve ever been.

Croatian resorts are special. Dubrovnik and the previous Venetian ports of Hvar and Rovinj are just sensational, and traffic is prohibited from all their centres. The environment is civilized and has a more Italian than east European feel to it. Everyone takes a leisurely passeggiata in the early evening, any self-respecting cafe serves espressos and 20 flavors of ice cream, and pizzas, pasta and risottos are staples on menus.

The nation’s central government, protects over 9 percent of the land in Croatia; consisting of 8 national parks, 2 rigorous nature reserves, and 10 nature parks. The variety of plant and animal life in Croatia is approximated to be as high as 100,000, making it a paradise for those who like to discover the marvels of nature.

Not all Croatia resorts offer a pleasant beach climate comprised of sunlit days and gentle sea breezes discovered on the Adriatic coast. The snowy, forested areas of Gorski Kotar and Lika are perfect locations for those seeking an adventurous ski holiday. Those who want to take a naturist trip will certainly find a variety of Croatia resorts suited to their desires.

Croatia does have its disadvantages. Most glaringly, it has essentially no sandy beaches. Some resorts have stunning pebbly and shingly beaches, however, you could find that a concrete bathing platform is your only alternative.