Best Croatia Holiday Destinations

It is very hard to point out what are the best holiday destinations in Croatia, at least for two reasons. One is, definitely, because the Croatia is so “rich” of the natural beauties and tourist hot spots- it is really difficult to choose between them and make some short list. The second reason is the specific preferences of each person and the idea of their concept of an ideal vacation.

Despite all these difficulties we can, however, point out some destinations that are considered as best places for spending holidays in Croatia.

Holiday in Croatia – Best Croatia Holiday Destinations

“Croatia – a land of a thousand islands, magical nature and rich heritage, land whose beauties have been celebrated since ancient times. Croatia (Croatian: Hr…”

The Beauty of Zagreb

Let’s start with a capital of Croatia- Zagreb. Although it is always ungrateful to make comparison on this issue, the main city of Croatia is often compared with the Prague- the Golden City. No matter what we think about this, Zagreb is considered a best Croatia holiday destination and a place you should visit during your vacation in Croatia.

Here are some reasons. The Zagreb is a very livable city and you can have great fun day and night. If you prefer walking, than the route in Upper Town can be a great choice. You can enjoy there in the great architecture, same as in the beautiful buildings in the city, such as Kamenita Vrata (Stone Doors), Lotrscac Tower or St Mark’s Church

Ban Jelacic Square is the central square in the city and this is an ideal position for starting your discovering of Zagreb. Here you can get a traditional cup of coffee or mug of some of great domestic beers. The art lovers will enjoy in this city, because the Zagreb is full of galleries and museums.

Pearl of Adriatic

One of the most spectacular places in the Europe is a medieval city on the south shore- Dubrovnik, the pearl of Adriatic. Famous writer Bernard Shaw described this city as the heaven on Earth, which could be great invitation to visit this coastal town.

Although it can be very squeeze in Dubrovnik at the tourist season peak, you can always find some hidden corners and experience the romance you will not forget.

The Perfection of Nature

Croatia does not offer just a great vacation in the cities across the seashore, because Croatia, as we said, offers much more. The Plitvice Lakes is another evidence that nature makes the most beautiful works. This National Park is the perfect place for those who love enjoying in a natural environment. The most spectacular sights are waterfalls, which sound and magical color will make you breathless.

Croatia is known because of its numerous islands and one of the most popular is Hvar. Do not surprise if you meet some of the world’s celebrities that relaxing on beautiful beaches or in local cafes. Yes, this is definitely one of the best Croatia holiday destinations. It is considered as a top place for vacations. It is also the sunniest place in the country, which makes it ideal for the excellent vacation during the whole year. If you like the mixture of the tradition, nature and glamour, this is definitely the best place for you.