Best Places In Croatia

The country that is located on the crossroads of Europe, with a unique mixture of the pleasant Mediterranean clime and natural beauties of the Balkan Peninsula just has to be a perfect holiday destination even for the most demanding guests. Croatia is exactly that – country for the perfect vacation, regardless if you prefer to enjoy in the natural wonders of a number of National parks, stunning seaside or even the small cities in the countryside.

Croatia is a place of constant discovery, with well-preserved medieval remains from the turbulent history of this region and some of the best natural attractions in Europe. This is the reason why we are forced to make only a short list of the best places, because it is almost impossible to point out all places that deserve your attention during your staying in Croatia.

Best Places in Croatia to Visit – Croatia Activity Holidays

Krka National Park is definitely a must for those who prefer natural beauty. The Krka River is in the center of this park, which is situated in the so- called Sibenik-Knin region. This breathtaking site is best known for the precious waterfalls of Krka River and colorful wild pools with clear water. If you want to be a part of the scene from the natural fairy tale, this is definitely a place for you.

Zagreb is the largest city in Croatia and its capital, with less than a million residents. This is the great mixture of the historical and modern architecture, with strong influence of the so called social- realism school of design. This is a real cosmopolitan city with a rich tourist offer that is reachable for every wallet. You can choose between a number of hotels in the center and more affordable hostels in the suburb. The galleries and museums are also places that make Zagreb worthy of staying at least one weekend.

According to the historians, the first written traces of the Croatia capital date from the second century AD and period of Hungarian king Ladislaus.

Korcula is another interesting place that you must see on your Croatia tour. Allegedly, it is a place of birth of the famous seamen and explorer Marco Polo. This island has a unique landscape with endless forests, olive plantations, vineyards and wide sandy beaches. The biggest city is Corcula Town and this is our recommendation for accommodation booking. Of course, you can also visit other cities on this island, which all are peaceful and romantic just as fishing villages can be.

Pula is located in the Istria region and is among the top destinations in Croatia during the summer. The old city center is the museum itself, because there is a famous amphitheater from the Roman period that was used for the gladiator fight and other public ceremonies of that time.
Zadar is a city in the Dalmatia region and it is, according to the historians, at least three thousand years old. Same as Pula, and Zadar has Roman ruins in its old city core too, which attracts more and more tourists every year.

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